Restaurant & Bar Renovations

Key information

As we approach December, exciting developments are underway at H2OTEL.

From November 27th to December 27th, our kitchen and bar will undergo renovation. During this period, lunch and dinner will not be available in our restaurant. However, we offer various alternatives for dining out or enjoying a drink, and our reception staff are happy to assist you with these options.

We will continue to provide breakfast as our guests are accustomed to.

We aim to schedule the renovation work to minimize any disturbance during your stay. If you experience any inconvenience, please inform our reception team so we can address it promptly.

We look forward to your arrival and are excited to welcome you soon.

With Kind Regards,
Jan-Willem Janssen
General Manager H2OTEL

Do you want to know more about your stay?

Do you have any questions about the renovations or would like some top tips for reserving lunch and dinner in the area? Contact us directly. Our team H2OTEL are ready to assist you.